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This site was created to share with the community transgender content in media. At first it was only manga and anime, but I have noticed that there is a lot of transgender content in other media. So I began to add them also. Now the site is organized in 6 lists: Comics, Animation, Movies, Television, Literature and History. There is also a separate list for mature content.

There are entries in which the transgender content is strong, where the main theme is transgender or one of the main characters is transgender... And also entries in which the transgender content is very short, one brief scene with transgender content or a very minor character that is transgender. For general information about the entries listed here, you must go to other sites, here the information will center only in the transgender content.

There are "mature" entries not suitable for minors, and not always marked, so be careful if you dislike those entries. Also there are entries where the transgender content is a spoiler intended to be revealed later.

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Note: At 31 December 2023 there are 12798 entries: 1025 animations, 4049 comics, 102 historical, 1024 of literature, 4407 movies and 2191 television series. Of these entries, 792 are mature. Complete data here